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It's a great feeling and great luck when someone contacts you only a month before their wedding and they manage to enquire about the only free Saturday left in the coming month. A proper heel clicker moment when they come to you knowing what they want and knowing that they want me to provide it. Result! So I met Andrew & Martyna at the Ely Register Office only 5 minutes before their ceremony. Both were full of smiles. There were roughly 20 guests waiting for them in the modern and bright ceremony room. Because it was a hot summers day the door was open at the front of the room; where the vows take place. What this means for photography is natural daylight flooding in, lighting the couple, re

Only a little bit windy.

An outdoor wedding in the Uk is always a good idea, at the idea stage! When Gemma 1st got in touch with me about her big day, I liked the sound of it straight away, a marquee in the garden, a whole, very DIY approach to everything. When we met for the pre wedding shoot on Valentines day at Sandringham woods, it was sounding better and better. I visited Gemma & Chris' home a month before the big day so I could get a better of idea of the space, their garden Is a very big space, I wouldn't want to have to cut that lawn! And to see what was in the area around in case we wanted to go for a walk on the wedding day to grab a few shots away from the guests. On the morning of the wedding, I photogra

So what's Stuart House Hotel like for a wedding?

The answer is.............pretty good! And there you go, that answered that. But read on if you want to see some photos to prove it. Or if your family and friends of Katherine & Simon, then definitely read on. Bridal Prep I met Katherine with Summer, the oldest daughter and Charlotte the hair & make up artist at around 10am at Stuart House, Kings Lynn, in a large night bedroom with a four poster bed for the bridal prep. It was a roasting hot day and weekend for that matter. After Ben & Melissa's wedding the day before i'm sure i lost a small bit of weight in sweat over the weekend............urgh! One of my personal favourite shot's from the wedding is this; Documenting the prep through the

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