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I do at Swynford Manor. Infact I think everyone would at Swynford I do too!

A Swynford Manor Wedding is very grand!

I'll rephrase that... a Brownlow wedding at Swynford Manor is very grand.

What a venue. What a wedding!

A real party. The wedding singer had guests up and dancing in between courses during the wedding breakfast.

Oh and the food; the scotch egg for starters was more than just a scotch egg! Or it was a just a scotch egg but a really good scotch egg?

Ok, back to the start. Swynford Manor in Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire is a huge house close to both Newmarket and Cambridge. The house has a fine royal history and when you set eyes on the location you will soon understand why.

There's 12 guest rooms. The one's that I saw during the prep documentary had copper roll top baths (I think this a feature of all the rooms) in the corner of the suite and, again, the rooms that I saw during the bridal prep were huge! (I'm pretty sure they all are).

On Lee & Caroline's big day the bridal prep was a real family affair; mum's, sister, daughters, nieces etc, Kisstory was banging the tunes out and the sausage rolls (important for my belly) were a plenty.

I used various rooms for pictures of the dress but my favourite was the main lobby/stair case. A room/feature that would help create a number of my favourite images.

The ceremony took place in the study. A brightly lit room from the large windows and an isle that leads from the Garden room.

The wedding had been decorated by and what a good job Gayle had done. It must have taken ages or been a massive effort (probably both to be fair)

During the ceremony there were a number of laughs particularly when the registrar called Caroline by the wrong name. I'm sure that won't be forgotten.

After a few drinks we got the family & friends & big group shot completed. At the front of the venue there is a window that can be used to get the whole group in one shot.

And then we used the grounds to capture shots of the new Mr & Mrs Brownlow.

I mentioned earlier the food and the entertainment. Both were fantastic.

The garden room is large enough to accommodate 150 tabled guests.

The speeches were in good spirits and eventful; one peeled potato and a beer bong later.

I stayed until the cake had been cut (which looked great and i'm sure would have been tasted amazing.... I should have stayed a bit longer to find out maybe?) and the newly weds had had their 1st dance.

What a fabulous day.

And if your reading this Lee & Caroline; your USB will be in the post in the morning.

Thank you.


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