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Whaplode Manor Wedding Photography

I always look forward to wedding photography at Whaplode Manor.

I’ve been there many times and I know exactly where to go for great photos; exactly where to stand the groups in the courtyard, the driveway for bridal party and groomsman fun, the farm tracks for sunset.

If you’re looking for a Lincolnshire Wedding Venue that really offers you everything in their package then get in touch;

Whaplode Manor,

Washway Rd,

Saracen's Head,



PE12 8AZ

01406 422837

Sonya & Chris’ big day started for me at Sonya’s parents bungalow in Gedney Drove End.....once I found the place.

I love taking these detail shots, for me simplicity is the key.

Wedding dress and shoes
wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses hanging in the window
Bridal shoes

We had a little fun outside before it was time to get ready.

the bride squad
wedding make up
wedding dress details
bride by window light
Dad's 1st look
Father of the bride gift

The stairs for me are what sets Whaplode Manor apart from other venues.Ok there is the great staff, great food etc. How many other venues do you know of where the bride gets to appear from above and walk down the stars as part of the aisle.

Whaplode Manor Aisle
Whaplode Manor Aisle
Exchanging of rings
The new mr & mrs
Groomsmen fun
wedding bouquet photography

1st it was time for the wedding breakfast and the speeches.

Whaplode Manor Wedding Breakfast
Grooms speech

The sun had started it's journey back towards the horizon and there was a nice hint of soft warm light that makes my job so enjoyable.

We started in the well established courtyard garden.

newlywed portrait photography
newlywed portrait photography
newlywed portrait photography

newlywed portrait photography reflection

Before we headed out to the fields.

I love this dirt track!

wedding photography sunset field

And I absolutely love this photo. This is definitely going to be part of my future wedding fairs.

intimate wedding photography

What's a wedding without a good laugh and my swagger demonstration always gets a good response.....Although are they laughing with me or at me?.......As I used to say at school...what's the difference? They're still laughing!

wedding party fun

Back inside it was time for the cake cutting and I do love a good animated expression.

cutting the cake photography

And then straight into the dance. Just look at the happiness right here.

1st dance photography

Now the soppy songs didn't last for long.

At Sonya & Chris' request Wilson Entertainments threw on some hardcore and house classics and had people throwing shapes all over the place.

wedding rave
wedding rave

Sonya & Chris, The new Mr & Mrs Lott, Thank you so much for having me play a major part in your wedding celebrations, it was an absolute pleasure x

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