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Adam & Shannon's October Wedding

It all started with a phone call.

I was doing my food shopping and got a call from Adam. After a chat whilst I was sat in my car, the date was. booked in my diary. Ever since, whenever I see or speak to Adam he mentions that 1st phone call and how I was booked just from that conversation.

You can't beat a real conversation; its the original way of getting to know someone and finding out if the person on the other end is the right man or woman for you.

And what a day. A real party for all. It was clear that everyone was having a great time but I can only imagine the hangovers in the morning.

The wedding took place at St Johns Church in Spalding. Its got a real fresh new and bright interior and can accommodate a lot of guests. Unfortunately though, documentary of the ceremony is limited at this venue; once the bride has walked down the aisle and the 1st hymn has been sung, photographers then have to remain at the back. Long lenses are a must to get any close ups of the action.

Outside is a very busy road but the church exterior is very photographic.

Adam & Shannon had a room booked for the evening at the Woodhouse Farm Lodge Hotel. We decided to go and use that location next. I think it is impossible to take a bad photograph there!

The reception was held at Springfields. Its a huge venue with a marquee feel to it.

Let the fun and games begin

I didn't know that Adam could speak 'French' so well. Any guests will know what I mean by that. Lol

In every wedding I shoot, I hope to test my skills, I wanted to get one last 'wow' shot for the couple. It was cold and very windy but spending 5 minutes getting blown about was well worth it.

Thank you.

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