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A chance conversation turns into a wedding 1 month later.

"Are you a photographer?"

"Yes i am"

"Im getting married in a few weeks, are you free on April 27th?"

'Yeah, here's my card, take a look at my website and give me a call if you like what you see"

It went something like that, as Elli looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of what i was doing on my computer.

It also turns out she went to my school and was a year or 2 below me. I spent a bit of time trying to remember her and I'm sure i can picture her in the ever so flattering school uniform.

That week i visited Elli & Luke at their home and i was booked, following a beer and plenty of banter.

Make that lot's of banter. These guy's have serious banter between them and they really bounce of each other, it's nice to see.

The big day soon came around, considering it was 4 weeks after the 1st conversation.

The ceremony took place at the registrar's in King Lynn. It's a nice bright venue inside and very grand from the outside; sharing the building with the Town Hall. During the legal bit there were lot's of smiles and happy faces. I think these guy's are made for each other!

So perhaps i should mention the weather.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.

It rained all day long.

I've said it before, rain really adds something to wedding photos. I like rainy weddings. I don't like standing out in the rain myself, because I'm the one that gets wet as the couple use my white umbrellas in the photos. But its all about the end result.

From the registry office it was only a short walk up the road to The Rathskeller Now this is place is a treasure trove of a venue.

I've photographed here before but i had not previously explored what was on offer. There’s a basement bar, a lobby, grand rooms and spaces upstairs, an outside courtyard in the middle of the Hanse House buildings and a fantastic staircase. Thanks to the staff member that said " do you want to use the stairs?" 

"Stairs, what stairs?" 

The staff at The Rathskeller are really approachable and I'm sure i probably bored them with my chat as i tucked into my 'The Rathskeller Burger' during my break. I really recommend the burger, if like me your a burger kinda guy (or gal).

The courtyard in the centre of the building was used for the big group shot.

And once i'd got down to the couple and guest's level, the staff threw confetti down on us all for a different take on the normal confetti shots. 

I was covered in it!

We used the blue room, as i called it, upstairs for the group shots. I set up a light and umbrella to light the groups, it worked well. 

I can't say much for the poses though!

Luke, Elli and I then went for a walk around the old part of Lynn. Probably my favourite place for photographs; the cobbled streets and the old brick walls never get.....old. Being a Norfolk wedding photographer ain't so bad.

I had a great time photographing Luke & Elli in the rain. The fun and games between these 2 made for great photo's. Luke is a real center of attention and this resulted in some lovely shots.

The 2nd half of the day took place at The Ffolkes in Hillington, They have a separate function room from the main restaurant & hotel building. Its a large space, very fresh and clean, ready for couples to make their own stamp.

I photographed the arrival of the guests, documented the party and captured the very up tempo 1st dance, though don't ask me what the song was.

What a fantastic wedding, what a fantastic friendly & warm couple.

Thank you.

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