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Only a little bit windy.

An outdoor wedding in the Uk is always a good idea, at the idea stage!

When Gemma 1st got in touch with me about her big day, I liked the sound of it straight away, a marquee in the garden, a whole, very DIY approach to everything.

When we met for the pre wedding shoot on Valentines day at Sandringham woods, it was sounding better and better.

I visited Gemma & Chris' home a month before the big day so I could get a better of idea of the space, their garden Is a very big space, I wouldn't want to have to cut that lawn! And to see what was in the area around in case we wanted to go for a walk on the wedding day to grab a few shots away from the guests.

On the morning of the wedding, I photographed the bridal prep and a little bit of the groom prep, I made sure I got shots of Chris' socks!

I love this shot of Gemma daydreaming.

So the wedding ceremony took place at St Mark Church in Holbeach St Marks. Adrian the reverend is a jolly chap, I've shot a wedding he's conducted at the church in Holbeach Hurn, so I was very pleased when he greeted me on the day. He's the most relaxed and jovial reverend I've met so far on my travels.

St Mark's is an intimate little church with a back door just in the right place so the photographer can nip out and come back in via the main door for a different angle and vice versa.

The confetti walk was great fun especially thanks to James, Gemma's brother, and his confetti canon's. Thank you, you made this shot!

We had a walk around the church and grabbed a number of posed shots before we got back in the car and headed back for the garden reception.

Speeches and the group shot were 1st on the list upon the newlyweds arrival.

Let me tell you, their kitchens roof is strong enough to stand on.

That's a lot of people on the patio!

The breakfast and reception had such a great vibe. Lot's of beer on tap, if cans and bottles can be classed as 'on tap'. I don't think anyone went thirsty. I wish I was guest, I would have loved to have took part in emptying the bath full of Stella and Peroni.

And then...........

It chucked it down and blew a gale.

I got some cracking shots of everyone mucking in grabbing hold of the marquee, keeping it from literally blowing away and filling with water. Luckily everyone was laughing.



The 1st dance was a fun filled affair and Jak Ropa made sure the dance floor was filled.

Good skills in getting the party started.

I thoroughly recommend his roadshow.

The rain eventually stopped, for the 2nd time and Gemma and her ladies had a bit of fun in front of the camera.

I finished the day off with a few more shots of Gemma and Chris.

The weather was part of the fun and I'm sure everyone agrees to that.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Thompson. Your images are ready!!!


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