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Intimate in Ely

It's a great feeling and great luck when someone contacts you only a month before their wedding and they manage to enquire about the only free Saturday left in the coming month.

A proper heel clicker moment when they come to you knowing what they want and knowing that they want me to provide it.


So I met Andrew & Martyna at the Ely Register Office only 5 minutes before their ceremony. Both were full of smiles.

There were roughly 20 guests waiting for them in the modern and bright ceremony room. Because it was a hot summers day the door was open at the front of the room; where the vows take place.

What this means for photography is natural daylight flooding in, lighting the couple, really making them stand out from their guests behind them.

It's a real pleasure to photograph in these circumstances.

The legal bit was pretty quick and before I knew it Andrew & Martyna were married and we were outside.

The Register Office is located right in town. It's surrounded by a car park, offices and a busy road.

I made the decision along with agreement from the couple to embrace the circumstances and I'm so happy with the results.

I had something like this in my mind when I see where the Register Office was located, it's great to have a couple that are happy for me to do my stuff.

After a 15 minute drive I met the couple at their reception venue,

The Anchor Inn at Sutton Gault, a very pretty little Inn on the edge of the New Bedford River.

I continued to photograph the newly weds in the new surroundings.

I then got the family & friend shots and the large group shot on the riverbank. A great venue with some very usable space.

I finished the day with a few photographs of the newlyweds on a bridge next to The Anchor Inn.


Thank you Andrew & Martyna it was an absolute pleasure to be part of your big day.


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