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Jade & Darren September 1st

If I had a wedding for a every time I've been asked about September 1st this year, seriously I could have filled up half a year in my diary. So many people have asked about this date. In fact when Jade & Darren confirmed that they wanted to book only an hour later another couple confirmed they wanted to book it too!

I 1st met Jade & Darren at The Moon Under Water pub in Boston, Lincolnshire to discuss their big day and to show them my albums, prints etc. When meeting them I had a good feeling about them; a great couple, easy going, down to earth. It's easy for me to say that I thought we clicked but we clicked!

I met them both again earlier this year at Aycoughfee Hall for their pre wedding shoot, I shot a few frames on film too.

Again I just had a good feeling about the shoot and was looking forward to seeing them again on their big day.

I met Jade on the morning of her wedding at her parents house, it's here that I want to say a massive thank you to Debbie for originally finding my flier in Boston and giving it to jade, Thank you very much!

The house was alive with activity, mums having their hair done, Jade in make up, Oakley running around and the flower girls acting all grown up and Jonathan, Jade's dad was there too, though I'm not sure where he escaped too as he appeared again when it was time to go, excellent tactic!

Mother & Daughter getting all made up by Carolyn and her colleagues.

There's always a few serious moments, time for thoughts and settling nerves.

Whilst I left Jade and her entourage to finish off getting ready and to enjoy her luxury ride in the Range Rover, I raced over to St Helen church in West Keal to have a quick bit of fun with Darren and Matt.

Right......I'm sorry guys but you know you two really do need to upgrade your swagger, lol! at least it gave us something to laugh about.

Darren showed that he's a real man, there's nothing wrong with a tear when seeing your future wife walking up the aisle.

The Reverend's singing gave us all little something to laugh about.

Confetti & cleavage seems to be a common occurrence.

Jade said on facebook that she didn't realise that this happened until she took the dress off.

Once the guests had left the church grounds and had started to make their way to the reception venue we had a little walk around the church. Jade didn't wear her shoes on the walk....ouch.....though apparently much more comfortable than the shoes.

Jade & Darren chose The Vine a Best Western Hotel In Skegness for their wedding breakfast and reception.

Round the back of the hotel building there's a large lawn and a well positioned terrace, brilliant for the group photo.

Darren & Jonathan, son & father-in-law, get on real well, like best friends I heard.

Now there was lot's of talk about Darren's motorbike accident,

I should change that to lots of jokes about Darren's accident, It's now his calling card and his life story, I'm sure it was described as something like that.

Regardless, I think he's lucky to be alive.

I really don't know if Oakley knew he had that on his nose but it was worth a photo.

After the speeches and the food was done, superb food by the way, I had a massive plate of Fish & Chips at the bar, I took Jade & Darren for another walk and round the corner from the hotel via a little woodland path we found this magical location.

Who would have known that only the other side of the fence was somewhere so photographic and beautiful.

On our return, if we were only 30 seconds later we would have missed this happening.

Right place right time!

My day came to an end with the cutting of the cake and the 1st dance.

It was great to see so many people on the dance floor after the soppy stuff was over and Darren showed everyone that he's knows a few moves.

A little bridesmaid fun.

To Jade & Darren, thank you very much for allowing me to photograph your big day.

I truly do think your a fantastic couple!

Thank you x

Psssst....your USB will be in the post in the morning.

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