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Laura & Lee at Hambleton Hall

Laura & Lee's wedding is the 3rd wedding I've had this year that was booked with me only a short while before the big day itself.

It's a real heal clicker moment when the date is enquired about and it's still free in my diary.

So I 1st met Laura & Lee in Sandringham Woods for a little pre wedding shoot, only 19 days before the wedding, so I could get to know them and have a chat on the way round.

They brought their son, Jack, along for a few photos and Inca the Poodle came for a walk too

I think this is a great family photo

Before the wedding day, after i had finished photographing at Springfields Shopping Outlet I searched for St. John's Church in Weston Hills. It's a good job I did because I could not find it. In the end I rang Laura and she confirmed that i was on the right road.

The church is a very little intimate building sat behind a nursery. If you wasn't looking for it, you'd never know it was there!

On the big day Laura arrived with her dad in a beautiful chauffeur driven car. The sun was shining providing a little warmth to an otherwise brisk Autumnal day.

Photography isn't allowed during the wedding!!!!

Only the entrance, the mock signing of the register and the final blessing is allowed to be documented at the church. This is the only the 2nd time in the passed 6 years that ceremony documentary has been prohibited. It's a shame as there's some great emotions to be captured in this time.

It was a bit windy during the confetti throwing.

We grabbed a handful of the shot's outside the church before moving on to Hambleton Hall, Oakham.

And a what a venue!!!

Built in 1881 it has won numerous awards and holds various prestigious title's like a Michelin Star for its Restaurant.


I'd love to shoot another wedding here in the future. It's a vast space; the grounds and surrounding Rutland Water is waiting to be explored further in the quest for beautiful wedding pictures.

Thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Repsch for allowing me to be part of your intimate day, Your USB will be in the post by the end of the week.

Hambelton Hall...Mighty Impressive!

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