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Lela & James at The Olde Barn Hotel

The Olde Barn Hotel just off the A1 not far from Grantham, Lincolnshire is a big place.

If you’ve got lots and lots of guests requiring a nights rest before the hungover drive home then the hotel has got you covered.

So why was I there at the end of March?

To photograph the wedding of Lela & James, from bridal preparations to the dance and dance did everyone!

I 1st met Lela and James when they visited me for a chat and then I met them again late last year for their pre wedding shoot in Bourne woods.

During the prep Lela was joined by Emma the Make up artist from Enchanted Treatments, Beth her bridesmaid and Verity; Lela & James’ daughter.

Strawberries and a glass of bubbly in between the hair and make up and photos of the dress.

Meanwhile James and Theodore, Lela & James’ son, we’re getting ready downstairs.

The venue has rooms galore for every part of a wedding. And each room is big enough for whatever you want to throw at it.

No throwing at this wedding though, clean white chair covers and linen throughout with a hint of yellow. Just right for spring.

And talking of spring, despite it being a little overcast it was mild spring day outside with a little bit of day light left after the 5pm ceremony to use for a few family photos and some, what I’d describe as fantastic couple shots of Lela & James.

And there was one specific group shot that couldn't be missed.

The ladies.

Now I won't mention the group name ;-)

Food was in the shape of a hot buffet style, including ribs.......meat!


I took Lela & James back outside quickly to make use of a spotlight out on the patio for some different portraits. If the opportunity arises then take it to get a different shot.

Back inside the speeches were entertaining and got a great reception from the guests.

The highlight was the singing by Lela's mum.

Sounds were provided by the energetic Yorkshire band Warning Tones.

Everyone was up on the dance floor, jumping around to the classics and bangers. Time for some fun!

It was a pleasure to be part of this couple's and young family's special day.

Thank you.

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