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The Joining of 2 Traditions

So I want to start with how impressed I was by the guests and wedding party at Domi & Kevins wedding.

Why? Because each speech was translated into the other language for all to enjoy,

I thought this was fantastic and very thoughtful.

I 1st spoke to Domi on facebook well over a year ago and from then on I was really looking forward to this Boston, Lincolnshire wedding, just waiting to get these photos on the bridges over the river Witham right in the centre of town.

Shooting in a built up part of town is a real buzz, passers by shout their congratulations and drivers beep to celebrate, the odd person even asks for a photo which is always awkwardly funny.

Back to the beginning.

I met with the couple at Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding on a cold January morning for their pre wedding shoot. Alex their son came along too.

My hands took ages to warm up after this session.

Bridal prep started for me at the couples home. It was a real busy place with friends & relatives in every room with stories of lots of Vodka over the previous days, well its a celebration! Plus there was the odd conversation about Game of Thrones; was the previous episode amazing or could have it been better?

I love to photograph the reactions and concentration of the bridal party witnessing the brides transformation. These story telling photos are often some of my favourite images from a wedding.

I then followed everyone over to the Venue; The White Hart Hotel.

Preparations and getting ready continued there.

The whole day took place in the function room. I have to hand it to the hotel staff, they had the room turned round for each part of the day so quickly and effortlessly behind the scenes.

The chair covers and decor was supplied by a local Boston business; Event Exquisite.

Being a civil ceremony it was over with a blink of an eye and let's not mention how quick the 1st kiss was!

There was a little shower to dampen the group photos for a couple of minutes before it passed over.

Then it was time for the newlywed photoshoot, I enjoyed this so much, those bridges!!!

Back inside the wedding breakfast was fantastic.

I ate with and chatted to the wedding party and guests.

Sitting with the guests helps their fears of the tall guy with the big camera and at times I get shots that I wouldn't get if I was sat in my car eating sandwiches.

New hat anyone?

Thanks Domi & Kevin for feeding this very happy photographer.

Then it was time for the speeches.

Kevin's speech was translated into Polish and the 'father of the bride' Domi's godfather's speech was translated into English. Absolutely superb!

There were a few tears.

A great speech is one that can cause both tears and laughter....they were great speeches.

After the breakfast we went for another walk, grabbed a few more shots then it was time for the cake and 1st dance.

There was one song, I have no idea what it was called but it was a massive hit with the polish guests and the dance floor was filled with singing, dancing and good times. It was brilliant. I love it when the dance floor gets loud and crazy!

To the new Mr & Mrs Smart; Thank you so much for choosing me to be part of your big day, I had a great time in capturing these memories for you.

Your USB will be in the post real soon.


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