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Sun, drinks and awesome photos

It was only May when we met for their pre wedding shoot. That was an experience, it absolutely chucked it down at the Bawsey Ruins, think drowned rat wet and you wouldn’t be wrong.

We then went for a coffee and a chat, which I actually really enjoyed.

If anyone wants to take me out for a coffee then I’m game.

And then we carried on at The Chestnuts B&B in Terrington St John.

That’s where Ilze was going to be staying and getting ready on the wedding morning, so it was good to see it before hand.

What a lovely location, beautiful gardens and nice people and I have to say the lavender biscuits were yummy!

So fast forward to June and back to The Chestnuts.

I met Ilze and her girls, gins in hands (I was a little jealous!) and got the prep documentary started.

The suite hired had an amazing bathroom, to good not to use for the dress shot.

Back in the lounge area Cheyanne Smith Makeup Artistry was hard at work with the make up.

And Charlotte Louise Hair & Beauty was busy on the hair.

A few drinks later. It was time for the dress.

And granddads 1st look.

I raced back to Sutton Bridge as fast as I could considering the average speed cameras (don’t get me started).

And had a quick word with Daniel before it was time to run back outside and see the jag’s roll up.

When I capture an expression like this I just know I’m going to have done the couple proud.

Just look at the excitement on Ilze’s face.

The Element String Quartet and Trio played us through the church and I for one enjoyed it.

Just checking her ring out.

It was a hot and sunny Summers day, yes we do get them occasionally, so shooting in the open shade was the way to go get out of that harsh sunlight.

Sunny, cloudy, sunny, cloudy!

Bouquets and flowers were by Enchanted Flowers.

We headed back to Terrington St John, to The Barn Restaurant.

New Level Entertainment supplied the chair covers, sashes and DJ sounds.

The tables and table cloths were supplied by Rudd Marquees.

And the delicious looking cake was created by Mirra&Co

Sometimes whilst walking around in between the tables and guests I come across a scene and just wonder what they're talking about?


Nose picking?

Definitely nose picking!

The wedding breakfast was awesome, the meat just fell off the bone. Take me back.

The speeches caused laughter and a few tears, they're some good speeches when you get both.

These are the images I like to take; real depth, multi layered, lots going on.

A few more beverages had been knocked back and before it was googley drunken eye's time I thought it was best I took everyone out for a few more photos.

It's moments like this.........

And then it was time for the 1st dance.

Daniel & Ilze, the new Mr & Mrs Lee congratulations.

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your big day.

Your USB will be ready real soon x

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