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The George, Stamford, Wedding Photography. Absolutely amazing.

I’m going to jump right in and say wow this was an amazing wedding!

A great couple.

Great guests.

Great food.

Great venues.

Great weather, although it could have taken a chill pill at times, it was a hot one!

Kate & Matt, together, all they do is laugh.

When we met for their pre wedding shoot, they warned me that they weren’t really into photos.

I don’t believe a word of it.

Camera out, giggles and laughter.

Maybe it’s embarrassed laughter but it certainly doesn’t show.

I swear I’ve heard the phrase ‘a couple that laugh together stays together’.

Carry on laughing forever.

We met for the pre wedding shoot at Burghley House and we walked around the grounds.

I’ve driven passed it on occasions but I’ve never been close to it, what a setting.

I’m gonna use it again in the future for sure.

The Lola show!

On to the big day.

I met Kate and her squad at Meadow View guest house in Stamford, a very modern and stylish venue for the prep documentary.

The shoes from Irregular Choice had the most impressive patterned soles, almost too good to tread on.

I walked round the corner to The George to meet Matt and the groomsmen and spent 20 minutes getting a few shots of the cuff links and ties going on before it was time for the dress.

It's big moment.

Kate's make up was by Jess G Makeup

The ceremony took place at the St. John The Baptist Church, Barnack.

When we got out of the church the sun had been turned up to 11.

More like 15!

Flowers by Stamford Flowers.

Back at the George the reception was in full swing and the food was amazing.

Pretty Quirky did a great job of the finishing touches.

Oh my god, just look at that beef.

I love sitting with the guests.

It gives me a chance to have a laugh and to get to know everyone that little bit better.

And it’s the 1st time I’ve ever seen this;

During a speech.

Hopefully it comes across the right way when I say that I didn’t have to work very hard to get some cracking documentary shots of people enjoying themselves.

Weddings always have 1 or 2 grumpy relatives but I didn’t find them at this celebration.

Everyone was enjoying the wine and having a great time.

A photographers dream.

And Oh My Cakery has the best t-shirts.

We had a walk around the gardens at The George and made full use of the shade from the late afternoon sun.

Back in the marquee it was time for the 1st dance.

And then the boogieing begun.

The band Funk You! was epic.

Being a rap fan I admit to dancing and rapping along to their cover of Warren G and Nate Dogg’s Regulate.

A true classic!

Funk You! were different and different is good.

To all my future couples book Funk You! now!!!

So I’m going to end with how I started; this wedding was effing amazing.

I'm a very happy Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer.

Thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Harris, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your big day x

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