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Sandringham Christmas Mini Shoots

Xmas jumper minis......what a great idea!

I’d thought about doing mini photo shoots before and holding the shoots just in time for my clients to put on their favourite Christmas jumpers worked out to be a well timed decision.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

Once I’d decided on Sandringham for the shoots it was time to spread the word.

And why did I choose Sandringham?

Well apart from the woods that offer an amazing scene at every turn it also has a cafe for hot drinks and sandwiches and more importantly a toilet for a wee break.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

When I put the word out the slots filled fast. So fast and popular than 1 day turned into 2 and I was back again the following morning to carry on.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

Now it was cold!

There was frost on the ground and thick fog in the air in Kings Lynn.

But as soon as I got the other side of the Knights Hill roundabout the sun was burning through the fog and the sky was blue.

Inside the woods the Bracken (I think that's what it's called) had turned golden brown in the Autumn and the light shining though the trees was amazing.

It was cold but it was well worth it.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

The families were a mixture of adults and grown up kids to toddlers to pre teens and young adolescents, there were even a couple of dogs.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

Every booking was different from the one before and I had fun.

Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot
Sandringham Christmas Photoshoot

Now what holiday needs a mini shoot next?

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