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2 dresses for the bride on her big day

Every wedding is different. A different couple, different guests, venue, colour schemes, food, timings.

When I met Beth & Dan, during a visit to my house to chat about their photography, Beth was excited to tell me about the planned change of dress half way through her big day.

It was going to be a big surprise, a big reveal. Every phone call after this, Beth was very exited to remind of the dress change and so I was intrigued.

Jolene, one of Beth's bridesmaids, was one of my 1st brides. Beth was her bridesmaid.

Thanks to Jolene and Ashley for recommending me.

Beth gave a thoughtful and personal reading to her then future husband.

The bridesmaids wore green gowns. I’d describe them as medieval. I may be wrong, send the answer on the back of a postcard to..........

So from their dresses I had a good idea of what was to come but the guests still didn’t have a clue.

Whaplode Manor was the venue of choice. I’ve shot a few weddings there now. It’s a big place with a varied array of spaces both inside and out.

On a hot day like Beth & Dan’s April wedding having an outside space is very important.

Other than during the wedding and the breakfast, the guests stayed outside. Can you blame them when England has a Spring heatwave!? The courtyard in the middle of the venue is great for photos. Brick walls, flowers, water, bridges all there waiting to be used.

Upstairs there’s ample space for guests and the breakfast. I was given a meal, a much appreciated and throughly enjoyed 3 course meal of Pate, beef and profiteroles.

The speeches were enjoyed by everyone.

In between the food and the speeches, I love to see and capture the special quiet moments between the newly weds.

I wonder what they’re talking about? My favourite aspect of Whaplode Manor is where it’s situated; next to farmlands right in the middle of the fens. So when the sky is as big as it gets here and the sun is going down, it’s hard not to get amazing shots like this.

A great early evening photo shoot with the couple and the bridesmaids finished with the 1st dance and cutting of the cake.

No matter how old she gets, Beth will always be her dad's little girl

I love this shot of Beth and her dad enjoying a dance together.

And when university friends get together and dance there’s a perfect opportunity to capture the memory for them.

And well here's a picture of....


Thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Court. X


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