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So what's Stuart House Hotel like for a wedding?

The answer is.............pretty good!

And there you go, that answered that. But read on if you want to see some photos to prove it.

Or if your family and friends of Katherine & Simon, then definitely read on.

Bridal Prep

I met Katherine with Summer, the oldest daughter and Charlotte the hair & make up artist at around 10am at Stuart House, Kings Lynn, in a large night bedroom with a four poster bed for the bridal prep.

It was a roasting hot day and weekend for that matter. After Ben & Melissa's wedding the day before i'm sure i lost a small bit of weight in sweat over the weekend............urgh!

One of my personal favourite shot's from the wedding is this;

Documenting the prep through the dress.

What can I say, I like to get different shots.

There was a number of visitors throughout the prep; mum, dad, friends and Heather the Maid of Honour.

Nervous much!

The Church

Katherine & Simon chose to get married at St Faiths Church in Gaywood Kings Lynn.

The vicar was a lovely lady with no gripes about photography.

I was even allowed to get a shot from 'up top'.

It was a real family affair; the wedding, Each of Simon & Katherine's children took part in the ceremony by announcing a hymn.

Katherine was a happy girl to be married. It was her big day!

The Wedding Breakfast

After the group shots and photos of the newly weds we all went back to Stuart House for a beer and the wedding breakfast.

I sat with Katherine's friends and was treated to a 3 course meal of; Stuffed pepper, roast beef & cheesecake for pudding. I have to say the roast potatoes were some of the best I have ever tasted...yum!

Speeches were said, trainers were shown!?


The Bouquet

As the evening guests arrived the newly weds cut the cake and had a dance.

Katherine wanted to throw her bouquet but I'm sorry ladies a young man was the winner on this occasion so, actually, ladies you best look out because there's a guy waiting for the right woman.

So what's Stuart House Hotel like for a wedding? Go and have a look, it's got 18 rooms for the guests, the potatoes are lovely and they've got a great selection of ales.

And to the new Mr & Mrs Green; your images are ready and the USB will be in the post tomorrow morning.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.


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