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A pre wedding shoot at Castle Rising. Yes please!


I was a little excited when exploring the Castle ruins looking for places to shoot.

I hadn't been to Castle Rising since i was, perhaps, 11 years old whilst on a school trip.

I had ideas in mind of different shots, remembering that in the middle of the castle is a large open space, I'm sure there's a correct name for it but right now it's just called a large open space.

Let's take a it back a moment.

I 1st met Josh & Lauren at the Kings Lynn Wedding Festival at The Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn in January this year.

We met again when they visited me to discuss their wedding photography further and since we have been emailing and messaging back and forth arranging this pre wedding shoot.

I like that they both wanted the shoot to be extra special and had an idea of where it could take place.

The day was a little cold especially when comparing it to the hot summer that we had recently experienced. More reasons to cuddle up with each other.........them not me.

So back to the excitement. Every room, every corridor, every staircase was, well, cool!

There were other visitors walking around and I'm sure they must have wondered what was going on and thought who are these people?

This is one of the shots i had in mind.

Shot from below, showing Josh & Lauren surrounded by the impressive structure.

Down in the large open space in the centre of the castle there is a sheltered area underneath a mezzanine, perfect for playing with light and shadow.

When i took the shot below, I just had to check it on the back on the screen, I knew it was going to be good.

Real good!

We walked around the castle, inside & out, for over an hour and exhausted all options. It was time go.

When we approached the cars to say our goodbyes the rain that had started stopped and i had another idea.

The field.

I'm looking forward to seeing Josh & Lauren again.

Theres only a short wait until June 2020!

Thanks for the great shoot.

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