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How do you get your photos published?

You know what I'd never thought how do you get your photos published.

It had never crossed my mind.

I must be a lousy business man!

For me wedding photography is all about capturing the moments and memories for couples and I just consider myself lucky that I earn a living from it.

Now this is where I 'tut tut' at myself for forgetting to write this blog sooner!

Back in September I was emailed by a wedding magazine asking if I had any suitable images for an upcoming issue.

I read this email whilst laying on a sun lounger on holiday in Turkey (my work never completely stops!) and I quickly replied with 'How about this different wedding?'

Shona & Daniel's cowboy and Country & Western themed wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns.

It's definitely one of my favourite ever weddings and I just knew that the magazine would be interested! (big head moment!)

A couple of months past with a few emails saying that Sarah, the editor, is talking to Shona & Daniel and has sent a questionnaire to get a real write up of their big day.

And then..........

Kings Lynn wedding photographer published in wedding magazine

It's definitely a real proud moment for me!!!!

Kings Lynn wedding photographer published in wedding magazine

My photos are in a magazine!!!

Kings Lynn wedding photographer published in wedding magazine

Proper chuffed!

Anyway, what advice could I give to a wedding photographer wanting to get published?

1) Details, details, details! Photograph every little thing at the wedding; the dress, shoes, flowers, rings, table centre pieces, cake............ A full magazine feature needs lot's of detail photos.

2) Make sure that the happy couple is ok with their images going in a magazine.

3) Build a relationship with a magazine, you could do this in various ways, try;

- Contact magazines and enquire about placing an advert in the next issue. This way you'll be on their system and trust me, once you're on the system they will contact you!.

- Ask them if they've got any special/themes coming up that you might have images to submit for.

- If you've photographed a wedding that has something that stands out; a theme, a particular style or maybe it was the most epic wedding ever, find the contact details for the magazines editor and send an email with some sample images.

4) Don't be put off if its a 'no thank you'. With any luck you'll receive some feedback and reasons like 'we need more details'

5) Photograph more weddings and try try again!

Thank you Your East Anglian Wedding magazine for featuring Shona & Daniel's amazing wedding at Bassmead Manor Barns it's a real boost for me.

And of course thank you to Shona & Daniel x

If you're looking for a King's Lynn wedding photographer then send me an email or give me a call and let's have a zoom call about your wedding plans.

And if you're planning a Bassmead Manor Barns wedding then I would love to photograph there again!


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